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Personal Training in Tokyo

Hey, Olga here. 

Do you want to lose some fat? Reshape? Gain muscles? Or have a particular event to be ready for (wedding, fashion show, date, and so on)? Or do you want to get in your best shape once and forever? You are in the right place!

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I will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Give you all the knowledge I have and we will develop the best training  and nutrition program for your body and your life style. You will learn all the correct techniques for all the exercises you need. You will learn how to use you muscle and mind connection. Every move will make more sense to you and you will start enjoying your trainings like never before.


Sometimes this is not enough to get the result. Your mind set is important. And in training becomes the time when you are demotivated and want to give up. I push you above your limits, you will walk away from a training session with a satisfaction and accomplishment. 

And one more main thing on the way to your dream body is Nutrition. 

I am not only a certified personal trainer I am also a Nutritional specialist. I will create a meal plan for you and will be in touch with you 24/7 if you have any questions and need help with food preparation or help you make better choices in "extreme" situations. 

Trial session includes: 

- Consultation

(we talk about your current level and where you want to get, here I give nutritional advice and answer your questions)

- Sports massage 

(quick worm up before our training session, stretch, massage, I do this before or after training for my clients, for the trial session I do this before training)

- Training

(during training, I demonstrate main exercises and check your mobility while you perform them, exercises selected to your individual needs we will discuss at consultation)

Trial session duration: 1hr 30 min

Price: 8 000 yen (tax incl)

*Visitor fees for Non Gold's Gym Members included in the price of Trial session 

Book your TRIAL session now!


My services take a place at Gold's Gym HARAJUKU ANNEX.

In the heart of Tokyo. Closest station is Harajuku and Meiji JIngume. 


〒150-0001 Tokyo Shibuya-ku, Jingumae, 1-5-8


New facility with a lot of space, has a Jacuzzi, dry and steam sauna for you to relax after your training session. 

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