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I'm on Diet. Seafood Wakame Soup

A couple of weeks ago, I started a diet to get ready for my competition.

It's not so easy to stay away from carbs with such an intense training regime and work. I will not share what I eat. It will not be correct. But I will share a recipe of what I found to trick myself and my hanger. This makes me feel happy, and it's effortless and quick to make.

High in Proteins, Zero in Carbs - Seafood Wakame soup.


A mix of frozen seafood - 200gr (you can add more)

Any type of mushrooms - 100gr

Wakame - 50gr

Egg - 1

Salt - 1tbs

Water - 1,5 l

How to make it. Bring the water to boil. Wash the seafood. Put it in the boiled water and add a bit of salt. Try it first before adding any other ingredients. Cut your mushrooms add it to the already halfway done soup. Add wakame and wait 1 minute. At last, brake an egg into the soup while steering it.

The soup is ready. Enjoy!

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