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The day of my competition. 🤗🌸

Not expecting good results. You can't expect results for the work you didn't do.

- I didn't do proper training the whole year

- I ate badly in May and April. Started to manage my nutrition in August September and October.

Yes Fat loss is a very long process. It takes longer then a week. And you have to be consistent and patient.

- I didn't think there will be any competitions at all this year. The decision was made 3 months before and the condition I was in could be much better.

- I didn't do enough posing lessons as my work was a priority.

I do beat up myself for these things over and over and over again.

And all of this is not the reason they are excuses. I could easily stay in good shape all year round if I wanted to. I could easily train at home if I wanted to. And I could easily prioritize my own posing.

I need to work on this a lot for the next time.

I lost some muscle mass during those years. Not gained. Due to a rapid fat loss and not effective training on my side.


- I opened my own company in this crisis period!🚀

- I got my business visa for Japan! 😎

- And I have been helping to get to their results to over 15 clients on 1 on 1 🥰

Now I am my own boss and independent woman! 💃

- And I lost 11 kgs in 3 months and managed to get on stage🙈

昨日は私の競技会でした。 🤗🌸



-特に4月と5月は思い返すと好き勝手食べました。 8月〜10月にかけて栄養管理を始めました。脂肪を減少させるには時間をかけなければなりません。 最低でも1週間以上かかります。そして忍耐強さも求められます。











-日本でのビジネスビザを取得しました! 😎

-そして私はマンツーマンの指導で15名以上のお客様に彼らの結果を出すお手伝いをさせて頂いてます 。

現在の私は自分の上司であり、独立した女性です! 💃


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