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OWELL is a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle. We are focusing on training nutrition and a healthy relationship with your own body. We are promoting the right balance between what our bodies need and what our minds want. To live a happy, full life, its essential to have our bodies to support it at its Max! That is why our method is an Individual approach to everyone!

Hi, it's OG

I specialize in body sculpting and toning for both men and women.I have been a model for nearly 20 years.
I had no curves in my body at all. In 2015 I started my fitness career as a Fitness Bikini competitor in Bodybuilding competitions aiming for a femenin toned body. With time and correct training, you can reach your goal-ideal body.

If you don ' t, 

Don't worry. I focus on the basics of my training; in the end, you will be able to train by yourself. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I also have a Trial Session available. I do speak both languages: Japanese and English. 

Career JBBF Fitness Bikini 2019 Tokyo Bodybuilding Competition Bronze Medalist 
● Qualification ISSA (International Association of Sports Science) qualification holder

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