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Before and after

Both photos were made this year. How did this happen?

(second photo)

I ate like pig🐽😅 in May. I wasn't bored. And yes I worked out a little too. I just let myself go and allowed too much. Wrong-way of eating🙊.

Now I struggle so much to lose this fat and have to go for extreme cardio sessions with food restrictions as I have a very short time limit to competition.

It’s so much easier to keep the body and eat good food all year round. Sometimes (once a week or 2) allowing yourself something delicious.

I remember when I was a kid my parents gave me sweets or something that is not proper food on holidays or after I was a good girl. And that was enough. Why now we demand it every day? 🤔

(first photo)

Me today. Happy to show my body again 😁✊

Nutrition is everything. Not training like many think. I did not stop training on First or second photo. But the body is looking very different.

And I have so many before and after transformations in only 1 year of my life.

I enjoy doing these challenges and also help others.

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