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Gold's Gym Harajuku Annex Tokyo RESTART!

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Today gyms in Tokyo was reopened. It's great news to everyone who has been taking care of their physics. Of course, all of the measures have been taken in the gym; the cardio area is separated, people keeping distance and wearing masks, also wiping your space with alcohol after you are done with your workout is a must. People don't talk to each other much (it's one of the rules of the gym now ) and that is another positive thing I find in this situation. I had the best work out after taking 3 weeks off from training. I decided to take a break as I have never taken a break for the last 3 years. So my come back was very positive I appreciated every minute of my workout.

I was very excited to go back and see everyone after such a long time. And I was looking forward to my workout like never before)))

With my workout routine, I have reduced the intensity to adjust my body for working again. I focused on technic. It felt amazing to feel the muscles. A bit of a burn and stretch and pump. I took 3 weeks off training so I will take 10 days for adaptation before I get back into building back my strength and muscle mass. It's important now to give my body some time to warm up before real work starts. Focusing on technic is N1 priority in my training, as always, but now especially! And Nutrition!

Also from today, I started to strictly follow my regime and nutrition. My body will need loooots of energy for transformational work.

Good Luck everyone! See you at the gym!

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