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AGE AND EXERCISE. Benefits of exercise.

We exist in this world, and we live inside our bodies. Your body is like our homes. If you don't take care of it, it will become less and less functional with time. Everyone is looking for anti-aging remedies, but the only and most effective remedy for anti-aging and age-reversing remedies is regular exercise and nutrition. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise will not only prevent deadly diseases but also improve your life significantly. 

Regular physical activity can raise your ]fitness level up to 30 years younger than a fitness level of the same age person who has a sedentary lifestyle. 

Changes that we experience in our body with inactivity are very similar to aging changes: 

  • changes in muscles

  • in bone structure

  • brain function

  • cholesterol levels

  • blood pressure

  • sleep habits

  • sexual performance

And many more. 

Many changes that we look at as a normal aging process may just be the result of disuse. 

Experts say that a total of 21 days of a bed rest shows the same effect of 30 years of aging. 

Exercise makes us look better and makes our lives longer and the quality of life higher. 

To be continued...

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